Member benefits

Increased market/industry/customer information 
     - Develop relationships with premier broadband service providers and vendors to discuss product &
       marketing issues. For our service provider members, this is an ideal venue to learn about best 
       practices as well as those to avoid. For vendor members the greatest benefits include building 
       relationships, understanding the telcos needs and challenges, and the potential to gain customers.
     - Meet face to face with peers at the BMMA Annual Meeting and
Fall Workshop, with an 
       opportunity to influence the agenda and organizational objectives.
     - Participate in monthly conference calls to discuss best practices and news related to one or two 
       selected 'hot topics.' 
Full year monthly schedule.
     - Take part in
industry studies, such as our broadband benchmarking study, which if purchased separately 
       could (if obtainable) easily be more costly than the price of annual BMMA membership.
     - Increase understanding of marketing opportunities associated with evolution of broadband 
     - Take part in on-going communications with peer members via the BMMA blog.
     - Benefit from "safe harbor" legal protection for collecting and sharing information and results,  
       which encourages open discussion free from perceptions of collusion.

  Improved company results 
    - Positive impact on broadband category awareness.
    - Increases in penetration of DSL, fiber and wireless broadband services, and greater profitability through 
      incremental revenues.
    - More "bang for buck" in dollars spent on common activities such as market research, promotional 
      campaigns, and advertising campaign development.
    - Implementation of expense reduction tactics

  Greater voice on industry direction 
     - Ability to influence the direction and pace of the technical evolution of broadband based on
       drivers in the market. 
     - Elevate your professional standing and influence industry direction as a BMMA member or board 

    - Receive discounts on attendance and sponsorships at Research First's Broadband Services seminar.