Be a leader in the industry: Individuals from member companies are welcome and encouraged to join a BMMA committee. Committee work is minimal yet provides great recognition for you and your valuable input for the entire membership. We ask that committee members give direction to the Executive Director, which will implement their recommendations following board approval. Contact Stan Romero for more information.

Five committees have been established to increase the relevancy of the association for its members.


Co-chairs: Kelly Welch, Cincinnati Bell; Brian Ragsdale, Windstream; Stan Romero, BMMA Staff

Committee members: Tom Zanoli, GVTC; Andrew Edwards,Tbaytel; Stan Romero, ResearchFirst.

Goal: To identify / update desired benchmarking elements and execute a report that will benefit the BMMA membership.

Committee members:
· Identify and define information that the BMMA membership would value
· Participate in reporting on results at Annual meeting.

The Executive Director will:
· Establish the benchmarking template and request data from appropriate individuals within member companies
· Collect benchmarking data, aggregate and normalize.
· Develop individual semi-annual reports for participating member companies
· Report on year end results at Annual meeting.

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Best in Class Awards

Chair: Anna Gibson, BMMA

Committee members: BMMA Board of Directors

Goal: To recognize up to 4 individuals or teams that have demonstrated innovation or excellence in marketing broadband services

Committee members:
· Review existing awards programs and make recommendations for change.
· Recommend a membership communications plan.
· Review award submissions, and recommend winners to the Board of Directors for each award.
· Report on results at the Annual meeting.

The Executive Director will:
· Update the website application process based on the committee’s recommendations.
· Execute the communications plan recommended by the committee.
· Consolidate award submissions for committee review.
· Coordinate awards selection and purchase.
· Present awards to the winners at the Annual meeting
· Follow up with PR opportunities


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Chair: Jake Sailana, Zyxel / Ellis Hill, BMMA Staff

Committee members: Janet Sczech, GVTC, Tom Zanoli, GVTC; Allison Brausen, Calix

To improve the marketing of the association, both to potential, new member companies, and to additional individuals within existing member companies.

Committee members:
· Identify the opportunities and obstacles to be investigated
· Determine budget and set goals to include:

· Encourage promotion of the BMMA within one’s company (individuals from member companies to work on their successors).
· Create sessions and materials to spread the word.
· Gather and use testimonials.
· Recommend updates to the BMMA website
· Report out at Annual meeting.

The Executive Director will:
· Execute the committee’s recommendations.
· Report on results at the Annual meeting.

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Chair: Tom Zanoli, GVTC / Stan Romero, BMMA Staff

Committee members: Michael Gondar, Actiontec; Allison Brausen, Calix; Perry Roach, Netsweeper

Goal: To increase the awareness of the BMMA as an effective tool for broadband service providers and vendors, and as a result, to increase service provider and vendor membership.

Committee members oversee all BMMA membership activities, including:
· Supervise the recruitment of new members
· Approve membership applications
· Recommend new membership dues to the BMMA.

The Executive Director is responsible for:
· Actively recruiting new members
· Collecting membership applications from prospective new members
· Submitting applications for membership to the Membership Committee for approval
· Formally welcoming each new member company.

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Chair: Ellis Hill, BMMA Staff

Committee members: Les Kirchman, Actiontec; Colleen Camicia, Frontier Communications; Craig Hern, Harrisonville Telephone; Takemi Nakasone, Hawaiian Telcom

Goal: To drive and oversee market research that will be delivered to the membership at no charge as an additional benefit. The research will consist of two types:

1.     Internal - where we continue to poll the BMMA membership on a variety of issues as we have done in the past (e.g. modems, WiFi, etc.)

2.     External - we will survey outside of the membership (consumers, SMB, etc) on broadband service related issues agreed to by the committee.

Results from both types of research will be shared with participating companies and at our face-to-face meetings. 

Committee members will:

· Identify research that the BMMA membership would value.
· Provide input and 
edits to surveys prior to implementation.
· Participate in reporting on results at our Annual Meeting.

The Executive Director will:

· Provide support to the committee primarily by drafting, editing, implementing surveys

· Report on year end results at the Annual Meeting.

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