Our membership has great things to stay about the value that the BMMA brings both to their organizations and to them as individuals.

-- Member comments about our face-to-face meetings:

"The BMMA continues to be one of the most relevant associations we're involved in." 

"Great group of people with similar interests. Relevant topics. "

"Speed and usage based topics were extremely valuable to our company and interest. "

-- Ask a member about us: We invite you to email the following individuals for their service provider and vendor member perspectives of the association:

-- See what Bell Aliant, Bell Canada, GVTC, Nokia, SaskTel, TDS Telecom and have to say about the BMMA.

 “I wanted to personally thank all of you for your insight, leadership and contribution to the BMMA board this past year. This year has demonstrated the continued momentum and evolution of the BMMA in many ways because of the effort of the board but mostly because of the management and leadership of Ellis and Lisa…….a job very well done.


I will continue to support and promote the BMMA at every opportunity.  This forum is unique and industry leading.”


-- John Walsh – Team Lead ISP Product Management – Bell Aliant



"After 35 years, yesterday was my last day there and I have officially retired from Bell. It was my great pleasure to be associated with such a wonderful group of individuals in the BMMA. I know it has been said before, but worth repeating, the BMMA has been the best organization I have been involved with throughout my years."


-- Allan Hewett – GM Sympatico Broadband Network Product Management – Bell Canada



“I attended my first meeting in March 2010 and participated on a few calls prior to the annual meeting. As a new executive at GVTC over our product division, I wanted to see firsthand what this group was all about, as we are one of the smaller companies in the BMMA.  It did not take me long to realize that the benefits far outweigh the costs of being a member of this group. I know of no better peer group to discuss issues that are important to all of us. I believe that it is organizations like the BMMA with a mix of industry leading vendors and service providers that truly help shape our industry going forward. The topics covered and interaction of all members and the relationships established provide value far beyond many of the conferences or trade show. Like some of the other members, we have leveraged knowledge and information from this group into new product launches or existing product enhancements.


-- Josh Pettiette – Vice President Product Management – GVTC



“SaskTel has been a member of the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) for many years now. I recently joined the group in early 2009 and immediately experienced the benefits that the BMMA provides to it's members. The Annual & Fall Meetings in addition to the Monthly "Hot Topic" calls have enabled my group to gain insight into key issues pertaining to the broadband industry. My opinion is that the Annual meeting alone is worth the price of membership. I have determined that no amount of primary and secondary research can come close to the information that is shared during the Annual meeting.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, BMMA members have the opportunity to develop amazing relationships with like minded people from ISP's and vendors throughout North America. Of these relationships, many will last for years to come.”

-- Brett Cousins, Marketing Manager - Internet Operations – SaskTel



“Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia has been involved with the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) since its inception in 2002 and continues to derive incomparable value from our membership. As a provider of telecommunications equipment and services it is vital that Nokia understand the needs, challenges and concerns of our service provider customers. The BMMA provides a forum where vendors and service providers can come together to discuss common issues, share best practices, and forge relationships that result in close working relationships.


Personally, I have been involved with the BMMA since 2008 and served on the Board of Directors for several years. I find the monthly hot topic calls and twice-yearly face-to-face meetings to be invaluable in my business development and marketing role at Nokia. In addition, the contacts that I have established and the knowledge that I have gained through my involvement with this group have provided me with invaluable insight and understanding of the broadband industry.”


-- Greg Owens, Director – Solutions Marketing, Nokia