BMMA News - August 2012

August 23, 2012 - This BMMA News is courtesy of your marketing committee. We hold regular calls to discuss strategic issues, but most of our activities are handled "off line." New committee members are always welcome, so please contact Janet Sczech (Committee Chair) if you wish to be involved.

Topics in this issue:

Welcome our New Members!

Vote on Change to BMMA by-Laws

BMMA 2012 Annual Meeting Highlights

BMMA 2012 Fall Workshop – September 25-27 – Biloxi, MS

Upcoming events
Support our Q3 New Member Initiative
Benchmarking Update
BMMA 2013 Best in Class Marketing Awards
Welcome our New Members!
Since our last edition of the BMMA News we have gained several new members. Please join us in welcoming them.
Contact details for voting members can be found under company profiles in the members section of our website, or simply ask one of us.
Vote on Change to BMMA by-Laws
The membership regularly reminds us that the BMMA must remain a service provider- focused organization.  From time to time the question has been raised as to whether we need to limit the number of vendors eligible to become members. Therefore, the Board of Directors requested that we draft such a proposal and put this vote to the membership, which we did in July.
As a general guideline, the proposal set out to limit the number to two of vendors within “primary business” categories (e.g., tech support outsourcer, Internet security, etc). Of course exceptions to this will be made with approval from the Board of Directors. 
The membership unanimously voted in this change to the bylaws. We are now in the process of developing the primary business categories list, which will go out to vendor voting members in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your input and feedback during this process.
BMMA 2012 Annual Meeting Highlights
The BMMA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas was a huge success! The meeting was kicked off by Co-Chair Kate Baillie of TELUS who presented the State of the BMMA. Kate reviewed our 2011-‘12 objectives and accomplishments, which emphasized the continued value and recognition we strive to bring to our members through meetings, conference calls, reports, awards and growing the organization.
Janet Sczech (GVTC) provided an update on Marketing Committee actions and plans, including member communications, hot topic call invitations, Annual Meeting and Fall Workshop announcements, and Best in Class awards promotion plans. A press release on the 2012 Best in Class Award winners was completed following the Annual Meeting. And we launched two new logos (BMMA logo with new tagline, and Best in Class award logo). Matt Apps (TDS Telecom) updated us on the Membership Committee activities.  We’re proud to say we now have 30 member companies (15 providers, 15 vendors).  Our goal is not only to gain new members, but retain existing members by maintaining and increasing the value of the organization.
Ellis Hill presented the 2012 Best in Class Awards to three individuals from companies that demonstrated innovation or excellence in marketing broadband services, who presented their programs at the Annual Meeting. Join us in congratulating these winners, and read more about their programs on our website.
Brett Cousins (SaskTel) presented the Broadband Benchmarking Report, which generated a great deal of discussion around ARPU and value added services (VAS). One company mentioned that on the DSL side of their business (as opposed to fiber), “dry loop” subscribers (DSL without a phone line) made up over 50% of their new acquisitions. Also discussed were installation and CPE issues. For instance, customers that use their own modems significantly drive up costs.
Other highlights included the roundtable sessions on “Analyzing the Market” and “Retention and Loyalty”. Matt Apps (TDS) presented an overview of the US broadband market, covering wireline adoption, capacity concerns and related costs/profitability considerations, and new developments in satellite broadband. With regard to speed, cable of course is powerful with Docsis 3.0 technology although in reality perhaps 10% of customers actually know their speed. Ultimately the questions are what speed does the customer actually need, and what are they willing to pay for it?  Tom Zanoli (GVTC) reviewed some of GVTC’s best practices with respect to customer retention, and led the discussion which covered a variety of promotions, successes and challenges with “price for life,” call center organizations and loyalty programs. One provider shared that in a recent loyalty survey, overall customers do not get the connection that events were a way of showing appreciation; instead what they wanted was a discount on their bill. Free movies and gift cards were also successful as this allows personalization.
Finally, the 2013 Board of Directors election was held. Join us in congratulating the following individuals who were elected by the BMMA membership. We look forward to their leadership in the coming year:
Matt Apps, TDS Telecom - Co-chair
Kate Baillie, TELUS - Co-chair;
Brett Cousins, SaskTel - Director
Michael Gondar, Actiontec – Director;
Janet Sczech, GVTC – Director;
Andres Tovar, Cincinnati Bell – Secretary;
Jack Yovanovich, Frontier Communications – Treasurer
BMMA 2012 Fall Workshop – September 25-27 – Biloxi, MS
Join us for outstanding networking and roundtables covering the following:
Upcoming events
Hot Topic Calls
BMMA Fall Workshop
September 25-28, Biloxi, MS  
Support our Q3 New Member Initiative
As a BMMA member, you gain value by having more members. Please help us do so by sharing our Q3promotion with at least one potential new member, and include your personal endorsement of the association.
Q3 promo summary: Join by September 15th and enjoy:
- 1 free seat to the BMMA Fall Workshop – a $600 value
Also benefit from the first year prorated dues –i.e., over a 50% discount
Benchmarking Update
BMMA 2013 Best in Class Marketing Awards
It’s time to think about drafting your nomination for the BMMA 2013 Best in Class Awards. This year the submission deadline has been moved up to December 15, 2012. Award winners will present their programs at the Annual Meeting in March 2013.
Your BMMA Marketing Committee,
Janet Sczech, GVTC – Committee Chair
Matt Apps, TDS Telecom
Brett Cousins, SaskTel
Dianna Linton, MTS Allstream
Greg Owens, Alcatel-Lucent
Jack Smith, North State Communications
Juan Vela, Calix
Tom Zanoli, GVTC
Lisa LaBorde, BMMA