Benchmarking Report

The BMMA publishes a semi-annual benchmarking report, which includes broadband penetration, churn, and growth. The Benchmarking Committee regularly reviews and updates this criteria to keep it current and relevant. Participating companies receive a detailed copy of the report; highlights of the report are shared with the entire membership at our Annual Meeting and Fall Workshop. The BMMA acts as a clearing house, providing normalized and anonymous results to participating members.


Currently benchmarked criteria:

Total broadband penetration
Penetration by speed (low, medium, high and ultra high)
Penetration by technology (DSL, fiber, dry loop/naked DSL)
Total Churn
Controllable Churn
Non-Controllable Churn
% Non-Pay Disconnects 

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Other Reports

The BMMA performs impromptu surveys for its membership. Individual company information is disguised. Participating companies receive survey results. Examples include:

- 2010 Email tech support
- 2010 Fall workshop issues (VAS, customer care, marketing programs)
- 2010 Benchmarking needs
- 2009 Hot topics
- 2008 Non-pay disconnnects and churn
- 2008 Fall workshop (broadband usage, and Q2 results)

- 2008 Tech support
- 2008 Annual Meeting membership survey (speeds, optional services, enhanced services, self vs. professional install, primary competitors, primary vendors) 
- 2007 DSL modems

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